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ABS 2017Modeling Spatial Aand Spatio-Temporal Data With Environmental ApplicationsView
ABS 2016Bayes, Big Data, and the InternetView
ABS 2015Modern Bayesian Methods and Computing for the Social SciencesView
ABS 2014Applied Bayesian NonparametricsView
ABS 2013Bayesian Methods for Variable Selection with Applications to High-Dimensional DataView
ABS 2012Stochastic Modelling for Systems BiologyView
ABS 2011Hierarchical Modeling for Environmental ProcessesView
ABS 2010Bayesian Machine Learning with Biomedical ApplicationsView
ABS 2009Bayesian Methodology for Clustering, Classification and Categorical Data AnalysisView
ABS 2008Bayesian Decision Problems in Biostatistics and Clinical TrialsView
ABS 2007Bayesian Methods and EconometricsView
ABS 2006Hierarchical Modelling Approaches for Spatial Data in Environmental and Health SciencesView
ABS 2005Bayesian Approaches to Evidence Synthesis and Decision Modelling in Health CareView
ABS 2004Statistics & Gene Expression Genomics: methods and computationsView