Scientific Activity

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The research activity concerns mainly Statistics and Probability Theory. Topics in Informatics and Numerical Analysis are studied too. Applications in different fields are carried out. The topics studied in these last years, together with some of the most recent applications, are listed below.

Parametric Statistical Inference

    • Bayesian and classical inferential methods
    • Probabilistic methods for combining experts beliefs
    • Regression analysis
    • Sensitivity Analysis
    • Sequential estimation in state-space processes

Nonparametric Statistical Inference

    • Bayesian methods in point processes and renewal processes
    • Bayesian robustness
    • Multivariate analysis
    • Survival analysis
    • Tree methodology and its extensions

Probability Theory and Statistical Inference for Stochastic Processes

    • Divergence measures for probability measures.
    • Functionals of random probability measures
    • Nonparametric Bayesian inference
    • Stochastic Differential Equations and Diffusion Processes

Curves and Surfaces Approximation

    • Approximation of distribution functions and density functions via moments
    • Bayesian estimation of wavelet coefficients
    • Methods for reconstruction of functions

Mathematical and Scientific Documentation for the Net

    • Mathematics and Informatics for Wikipedia
      and its connection with e-Learning systems
    • Procedures and languages for preparation, control, indexing, hypertextual
      organization and presentation of scientific documents on the Web
    • Textual analysis

Advanced Databases

    • Algorithms for advanced databases

Simulation methods

    • MCMC algorithms for model choice
    • Monte Carlo methods
    • Simulation of laws of functionals of random probability measures

Applications in the ecosystem framework

    • Analysis of arthropod population dynamics in marine and agricultural ecosystems
    • Evaluation of management strategies using an information-theoretic approach
    • Parameter estimation for functional response in predator-prey systems

Applications to Economy and Finance

    • Evaluation of nonstandard options
    • Industrial bidding and project management

Applications in the geophysical framework

    • Evaluation of the occurrence probability through stress release models
    • Identification of seismic phases
    • Rainfall analysis for landslide control and climatic changes assessment
    • Seismic hazard assessment through time-dependent stochastic models
    • Study of macroseismic attenuation
    • Study of the time evolution of aftershock sequences

Applications to Engineering and Technology

    • Automatic classification of digital images
    • Electrical load forecasting
    • Repairable system reliability theory
    • Studies on web pages legibility

Applications to Health Science

    • Risk factors in cardiovascular diseases
    • Spectral EEG analysis to characterise the psycophysiological state
      of cirrothic patients
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